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I am Aakash Hase...


I am Sky ...


I am a Software Engineer ... 




Relationship status :   Single


Birthday                   :   13/12/1991


Age                          :   24


Religion                  : Hindu-Maratha.


Languages i speak: Marathi,Hindi,English.


Location                 : Sangamner.


Tal                          : Sangamner.


Dist                         : Ahemadnagar.


State                      : Maharashtra.


Country                 : India.


Activities               : Computer System Workout.


Music I Most Like  : Go to MP3 Songs On Top Of This Page..


Movies                   :  Hollywood & Bollywood Movies..


School                     : Sahyadri Vidyalaya, Sangamner..


High School             : 11th-Sangamner College, Sangamner

                                  12th-Sahyadri College,Sangamner


College/University: Amrutvahini Engineering                                                              College,Sangamner.


Accounts On           : Facebook,Orkut,Bigadda,Twitter..


Email Id                 : haseakash2008@gmail.com


Contact                   : +91-9762829883


Website                  : http://skyworld2010.jimdo.com


Love                       : I love those who Help me...




If U Know About Me More....Then See My Website Deeply.



**   What Can I Do ?   **



1) I Can Download Any Full Version Games,Softwares Freely &



2) I can solve any problem in orkut,facebook etc.


3) I can solve any problem in internet.


4) I can recover any formatted or deleted Memory Card, Hard Disk,Pen Drive, Digital Camera and etc of any storage.


5) I can type 10,000 pages in MS-WORD only in 30 Minutes.

Trust me.Im not joking.Its my big trick.


6) I Can Give you any mp3,ringtone,software,game,video etc.

100 %


7) I Can give you the best sites , tricks etc.


8) I Can Format the computer and laptop. Main skill is...you will never format again your computer or laptop till end of your life.If ur pc in formatting condition then i can recover ur pc in 1 min 20 sec only. I was formatted my computer 3 years ago. Many times my pc goes in critical condition.Then i recover my pc in 1 min 20 sec only.Its my best skill.


9) I can solve any software problem in computer.


10) I can understand any problem in computer and internet.....

I trust myself....i can solve it 100 %


11) I can install any games and softwares if there installing method is difficult. Means many softwares and games are does not install easilly..they are stored in different formats..But i can understand that processes...and i can install it perfectly.


12) I can design any website...not all but some some.


13) I Can understand any account process in internet.


14) I can understand any uplading and downloading method.


15) I can make themes for mobile


16) I can make exactly resolution wallpapers for mobile.


17) Also i know all things in mobile.means i know mobile's best softwares games etc. And how to download and install it.


18) I can copy paste any pdf files locked or protected data.


19) I can make projects soft copies for engineering studentes better than others using my softwares.


20) I make the worlds 1st Own name Message tone and Own name Ringtone.Means its different yaar.

( See My Skills Section )


21) I can add the photos etc data to any mp3 file.

I know that many pepole know it..but.....i can add photo,number etc text..10,000 mp3 files in 4 minute.Its cool.


22) I can add number or any discription on any video...

( See "Mobile HD Videos" Section )


23) I can make any mp3 song to instrumental. means i can remove the singer voice from any mp3 song. And this trick is very very useful to college gatherings,any sining function...Simply anyone can sing any song with its orignal background music...

( See My Skills Section )


24) I made my pc combine of Windows Vista + Xp+ Windows 7.


25) I also know some hacking in pc and mobile.


Dear Friends...


I can't write more about me yaar...bcoz everything i can do.

Many things i can do but i can't type here all.


My Target : ----

*) Holographic Movie System In 100% True Colors......

*) Ultra Fast Start up of Windows in 1 Sec Only.


And Last and main is..i dont have any course of computer...also MS-CIT.


I develope all things using my own research means i study all things in computer only timepassly.





Thanx For Knowing Me....



Free Computer/Laptop Repairing
Free Computer/Laptop Repairing
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Aakash Hase Resume
Aakash Hase Resume
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